Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

Janet D. Hall

One Tueday evening in  February of 2014 like any other in Miami Florida. Hot and sticky, I showered dry myself and  began my normal Self examination of my breast. A routine I have been doing for over thirty years after a close friend died from breast cancer.  As usual, I allowed my hand to move diliberately and slowly over my breast with confidence as I felt assured that the result would be the same. Nothing New would be discovered.  Imagine my shock when my hand passed over a obvious mass in my right breast. The mass felt like pieces of rocks. My hand froze over the mass and I began to break out in a sweat, not a sweat from the Miami heat, but the cold sweat of fear. Thus, I began the longest night of my life. I had to wait until morning comes, before I could call my doctor, or anyone else for the matter. In the meantime sleep would not come. I prayed and cried throughout the night Finding hope and faith from my strong belief in God.

Lillymae Benjamin


Whatever you do, you must always put Jesus at the forefront, allowing Him to take charge and to do what is best for you.  Remember prayer changes things.

Gisela Cárdenas

During our last week in Italt together, my sister became worse. Hearing the advice of doctors we consulted, my mother flew my sister back to our home country, Ecuador. Unfortunately , I was forced to leave their side and go back to Miami to register my children for school. The very next day, while playing with my precious daughter, I inadvertenly felt a tiny grain on my breast. Thinking it was sand, I paid it no mind at the time. Another day later,v my mother called me to let me know that my sister’s health was deteriorating, and that I needed to get to Ecuador ASAP. ​

Katrina Baskins

My name is Katrina Baskins, and I am a cancer survivor.  It all began when I visited my gynecologist in 2008 for a routine check-up.  He felt a lump during the exam and advised me to go for a follow-up.  I did not go immediately and waited 6 months as I   Brushed the urgency to the side.  When I finally followed up I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  Early detection is extremely important and I wished I had gone sooner but nevertheless, I followed the Doctors orders and went through an ordeal of treatment and recovery for 6 months. Five years later, the cancer returned, and I was devastated, but I knew that God will never leave me and with the support of friends like Carolyn Lewis as well as family, I made it through once again.  Every day is a journey but I am grateful and thankful for every waking moment.